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A Glimpse of Spring

Today was a monumental day in my undergraduate degree; I finally was awarded my engineering Iron Ring. Engineers in Canada wear iron rings on their fifth finger of their working hand to remind them of their obligation and responsibility. After years of an intense and frustrating workload it feels good to have reached this day and to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Woohoo! Almost done! Now time to celebrate in typical engineering fashion; drinking.


Today after the ceremony the sun was attempting to come out and with it came the familiar warmth and sounds of spring. Which got me thinking of all the fun adventures on the horizon! There’s a triathlon and Sasquatch music festival to look forward to in May. Keep posted for festival camping beauty tips. In June and July I will be galavanting around South America as a post grad trip. I’ll post about my travels as well as travel beauty tips as I work my way through Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru and Chile. Back home in August will be a couple weekend backpack trips, one involving a helicopter so be sure to watch for those trail reviews!

I’m looking forward to finishing up school (one month left!) and starting the next chapter!


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