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Trip Review

Trip & Trail Reviews

Knowing that most of the good trails are passed on from one hiker to another, so through this blog I’ll post trip and trail reviews.  Growing up in the Rocky Mountains has allowed me to experience a wide range of day hikes and overnight hikes.


Favorite hikes completed:

  • West Coast Trail, BC, Canada
  • Mt. Assiniboine, BC, Canada
  • Wind Tower, AB, Canada
  • North Saskatchewan River, AB, Canada (canoe trip)
  • Stanley Mitchell Hut, BC, Canada
  • Bow Hut, BC, Canada

Hikes on my wish list:

  • Chilkoot Trail, Alaska/Yukon
  • Kalalau Trail, Hawaii
  • Rockwall, BC, Canada (full length)
  • Lares Valley Trek, Peru
  • Mount Villarica, Chili

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