Blog » Beauty Tip #1: French Braids to Side Braids, All Braids Are Your Best Friend

Beauty Tip #1: French Braids to Side Braids, All Braids Are Your Best Friend

There is nothing worse then finishing an epic adventure and finding out all your photos to document it are unflattering. Ok there could be worse things, but c’mon, admit it, you want to look gorgeous while showing off to your friends, “You look amazing on that mountain, can’t believe you didn’t shower for 3 days!”.  One of the biggest components to this challenge is figuring out how to make 3+ day old hair look good. Whether it’s greasy, cow-licked like none other, or frizzy from all the wind atop those mountain peaks, a braid is going to be your best friend.


Ponytails (I’m a fan of high ponytails, trust me) and buns are best suited for day trips, when the hair is fresh, frizz/grease is at bay and hat hair is not yet an issue. They become problematic when there are multiple days of wilderness buildup in your luscious locks. Additionally, buns tend to make the hair more kinky and uncooperative the more you work your hair and the higher the risk of creating one giant knot, aka birds nests.


Braids can be implemented in all sorts of different fashions depending on the length of your hair.  French braids (good for keeping hair off your face and tucked away), side braids (great for photo ops plus are very tomb raider-esque), fishtail braids (a personal favourite, easy to do blind/no mirror) and even the braid bun can offer supreme control over frizziness, hide the grease, and maintain a cute factor worthy for any photo. As well, braids are easily combined with headbands and toques, preventing you from appearing bald in photos. Another advantage of a braid, is that it does the best job at keeping hair clean the longest, as opposed to a pony tail, bun or nothing at all.

So girls, start honing your mirror-less french braiding skills, you’ll be thankful the next time your friends are ogling over your mountain peak beauty shot!