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Why Do You Play In The Mountains?

Why do you play in the mountains? Maybe you love being outside, maybe you love the thrill of being up so high, or maybe you just love getting out of the city. Everyone has their reasons for why they love to play in the mountains.  For me, it’s the thrill and sense of accomplishment of conquering another mountain or trek. After a week in the office my legs are antsy and my lungs yearn for fresh air, the weekend is never long enough!

Arc’teryx has created a beautiful video portraying why adventurers chase passion in the mountains rather then the “modern world trappings”.  From one adventurer to another, enjoy!

Silence from ARC’TERYX on Vimeo.

The world is filled with noise. Make room for silence. Arc’teryx runner Adam Campbell stars in a story with no words. Shot on the streets of Vancouver and the high country around Whistler, Silence is the story of every runner, climber and skier who chases passion rather than the modern world’s trappings. Headphones recommended.

Creative – Duct Tape Then Beer (
Directed by Austin Siadak
Directory of Photography – Bryan Smith/Reel Water Productions (
Sound Design and Production – Amy Stolzenbach (
Additional Camera – Jeff Patterson
Produced by Fitz Cahall

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