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Prepare Now, Play Later – Posts To Read In Preparation For Summer

Officially there are 67 days till the first day of Summer, which is Friday, June 21, 2013.  That leaves about 9 weeks to get your hiking boots polished, your backpack adjusted, your first aid kit restocked, your hiking outfits planned (obviously) and not to mention planning and buying permits for any big multi-day trips!

If you read that and were like “I don’t even like hiking” then 1) I don’t know why or how you found this blog and 2) you should most definitely read this post. Hopefully you’ll change your mind.

Why Everyone Should Hike

If you read that and realized you’re missing some key items then you should check out these posts to help get organized and ready!

Hiking Boots: One Pair Of Shoes Can Change Your Life

10 Daypack Essentials You Won’t Find Me Without

UV Index And SPF Explained – What You Need To Know To Be Sun Safe

Obviously, girls, we don’t want to be mistaken for Big Foot out there, so brush up on these beauty tips that will keep you looking fresh.

Beauty Tip #1: French Braids to Side Braids, All Braids Are Your Best Friend

Beauty Tip #2: Best Colour Nail Polish To Hide The Dirt Away

If you can’t hold your horses any longer and want to get an early start at hiking season, then read this trail review for Ha Ling. Its lower altitude and year-round use (snow covered trail is boot packed) make it a good option.

Ha Ling Peak: First Summit Of The Season 

Finally, I will leave you with two exciting pieces of information, that the gear junkies will especially like.

1. MEC has free shipping until April 16, so order your gear now!

2. The MEC Dual Degree Jacket I raved about in my Essential Daypack Items post is now 60% off, it could be yours for $69.00 (Reg. $175.00)!

Let the preparation for summer begin!

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