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Motivation Monday: Real Beauty ~ You’re More Beautiful Than You Think

My boyfriend Mark (the beast in the backcountry) shared a really touching and enlightening video with me today. It’s a video from the Dove Real Beauty Campaign.  It showcases a social experiment conducted by Dove that proves women are their harshest critics. The experiment shows how women view their own beauty as compared to how others view them.

Dove Real Beauty Sketches

How we view ourselves, whether we are male or female, effects every aspect of our life. Beauty should be a source of confidence, not a source of anxiety.  One of my mentors, Tiffany Dufu at, gives an elegantly articulated definition of beauty in response to the question “How important is beauty to leadership?”.

 “…Beauty is essential to effective leadership. Beauty is full alignment…of values, words, actions…and the assuredness that comes with knowing you are living your story – no one else’s. Sustainable beauty is an energy and a state of mind and often manifests outwardly as radiance. Women who graciously accept compliments with a big smile and a simple “thank you” are usually the most gorgeous. Our Art Director, Vico Zabel, says that effective design is “intelligence made beautiful…it fits the purpose.” I love this because what he’s saying is that real beauty is substantive. Real beauty is meaningful. You can trust it (unlike an airbrushed magazine cover). And in order to inspire others to achieve a common goal in the midst of change TRUST is sometimes all you have. ” ~Tiffany Dufu

I believe that through pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, whether it be outdoors or somewhere else, you are developing your inner beauty, the kind that is a state of mind that radiates outwards.

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