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UPDATE: Spring Skiing + Exciting News With ECCO And Bhanda Bar!

Retro Day-4

Sad to say another season has come and gone for Lake Louise.  My sister, boyfriend and I were there for the last day and what a day it was! Days like that are the reason why I love spring skiing; blue skies, no clouds, soft snow, tank tops and shorts weather.  Following tradition, we dressed in our best retro gear and pulled off our favourite old school stunts. Here’s some of the photo documentation of the festivities.



Retro Day-2-2

Retro Day

If you haven’t been spring skiing yet then now is the time to do it! Warm weather has been forecasted for the coming weekend and Sunshine will not disappoint. REMEMBER YOUR SUNSCREEN! If you don’t think you need it, read my post about how snow and elevation effect sun exposure, you’ll never be caught without sunscreen again. Here’s what’s happening at Sunshine Mountain Village this weekend:

May 11-12 TR3 will be pumping out their infectious dance beats on Saturday and Funk & Disorderly will be playing on Sunday, both part of the Spring Concert Series.

May 18-19 The Steadies will be playing in the afternoon as part of the Spring Concert Series.  The Steadies take the explosively popular Top 40 sound and mix it with rocksteady and reggae influences, creating what they’ve dubbed, “island rock”. As well it is the Bikinis And Boardshorts 4th Annual Ski And Ride For Cancer.  Participants raise money for the Breast Cancer Foundation or the Prostate Cancer Foundation by skiing or boarding wearing only a bikini top or boardshorts.

May 20 Witness or participate in the 85th Annual Slush Cup! If you have the nerve to hurl yourself across the pond of ice water, be sure to get there early as spots fill up fast! Prizes are given out for not only making it across but also for Awesome Air, Best Belly Flop and Excellent Enema.

Retro Day-3

There are also apres-ski events happening at the Sunshine Mountain Lodge as well as the Banff Rocky Mountain Wine Festival during the week so be sure to check out their event calendar so you don’t miss out on all the fun!

Retro Day-2

Exciting News!

Some other unrelated exciting news is that Beauty In The Backcountry has been invited to join the ECCO Product Ambassador Program.  I’ll be testing out their new line of BIOM hiking boots; “lightweight, waterproof shoes that are optimized for fast, explosive movements as well as steady, repeated actions”. I’m super excited to be working with them so stay tuned for some gear reviews.

AND as winner of a Bandha Bar giveaway I will soon be receiving a bunch of bars from Halifax. “Bandha Bar is designed as both a nutritious snack and to help the body refuel after exercise. It has been formulated to have an ideal carbohydrate/protein mix (4:1) for exercise recovery. This ratio is promoted by athlete and founder of the Thrive Diet, Brendan Brazier1. Bandha Bar is unprocessed and made of pure, natural ingredients. The bar’s raw and unprocessed form allows maximum absorption of the quality nutrients”. What makes me even more excited about them is that they are gluten free, paleo, vegan and have no processed sugars or sweeteners! I’ll be trying out their Cashew Cocoa bar (Raw organic cashews, dates, organic cocoa power, organic shredded coconut) as well as their Almond Chia Chocolate bar (Organic almonds, dates, organic unsweetened chocolate, organic chia seeds). Look for a Bhanda Bar review coming soon!

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