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An Unconventional Adventure

Sometimes you don’t have to go out to the mountains to find adventures. Last night was a great example of how switching your point of view can turn a series of unfortunate events into an unconventional adventure.

Lately Calgary, and much of southern Alberta, has been stuck in a deep freeze. Daytime HIGHS barely make it to -25 with the wind-chill! Frostbite can occur within minutes on exposed skin and within 10 minutes on even insulated skin.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 10.13.09 PM
Weather for Calgary, AB from Dec. 6 to Dec. 10.

This is what happened yesterday:

3:45        Leave office for 4:15 naturopath appointment. No Car2Go’s (car sharing program) or taxis available.  Run around outside trying to hail a cab for 15 minutes. No luck. Miss appointment.

4:30        Decide to go home to start prepping dinner early in anticipation of going to Crossfit class at 7:30. Wait for bus for 20 minutes outside, several pass without stopping because already full.

5:15        Reach house, can’t get door unlocked because deadbolt is frozen. Try different key warming techniques for 10 minutes before giving up.  Significant feeling has been lost in limbs by this point.

5:30        Take refuge in the Ironwood Bar & Grill while Mark tries his key.  His key breaks.

5:45        Plan B. Cancel Crossfit and take Car2Go to my place to warm up and grab dinner. Only Car2Go around is snuck in snowbank.  Try for 10 minutes to dig it out. Not successful.

6:00        Run back to Mark’s place to try to get in through the patio door. Upon climbing over patio railing Mark rips brand new work pants. Key doesn’t work, still stuck outside.

6:10        Borrow neighbour’s hair dryer to thaw deadbolt. Outside socket doesn’t work.

6:20        Take refuge in heated garage while Mark runs 6 blocks to grab a Car2Go. Picks me up and we head to my place.

8:30        After defrosting and fueling up, return to the frozen deadbolt with de-icer and BBQ torch.  After 10 minutes of fiddling…we’re IN!

Lessons learned: Fortunately we were dressed and equipped with long underwear, toques, mitts, scarves and heavy winter parkas.  It is important to dress for the weather in the off chance you end up being stranded or locked out!

Laughing also helps keep the warmth flowing inside. Hopefully this doesn’t happen to us on Sunday when we’re 12km in the backcountry trying to gain access to Elizabeth Parker hut!

Stay warm out there!

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