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Happy Mothers Day: Thanks for Being an #OutdoorMom

For many of us, it was our mothers who shaped our love for the outdoors and nature.  For my sister Maddy and I, have been blessed with a childhood full of outdoor adventures largely in thanks to our nature loving parents.  Thank you Mom for following us down the bunny slope, taking me hiking even if it meant carrying me most of the way, teaching me not to be afraid of the unknown, letting me get dirty and scratch my knees. Thank you Mom for signing me up for summer camp (I’m sure you were motivated more by the possibility of being kid-free for 2 weeks rather than instilling essential backcountry survival skills in us), thank you for giving us the travel bug and thank you Mom for relentlessly packing up the Volkswagen Westfalia every weekend in the summer, teaching us what it means to be prepared for any adventure.

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You planted the seed for my love of nature and being in the outdoors, you nurtured it, encouraging me to keep exploring.  Thank you for being an outdoors mom.  The lessons learned go beyond being able to survive in the backcountry, they expand into everyday life.  You’ve shaped us into two strong, independent, fearless women, that whether its challenging a mountain top, a ski chute, a degree or a career goal, you’ve given us the skills to take them on.

Happy Mothers Day!


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