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Calling All Backcountry Beauties!!

This blog started from a small seed of passion fuelled by humour.  I had no expectations and therefore am utterly blown away at what it has shaped into today.  I receive numerous messages from readers saying how I’ve inspired them to get out and explore, but what you may not realize is that hearing from you inspires me! For myself, I love skiing, hiking and biking, basically just anything active and outdoors. I recognize that the skills I’ve learnt doing these activities has transformed my everyday life.  I felt that if I could share my experiences with anyone, especially girls, that maybe I could inspire someone to take on an outdoor challenge that would help them grow into a stronger person.  So thank you to all my followers and readers for inspiring me to keep sharing and keep pushing!

Share your backcountry beauty shots, use

I’d love to hear from you! Next time you’re outside, having a blast, share your photo using #backcountrybeauty on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for a chance to be featured! It doesn’t have to be you staring down the face of death, maybe it’s something new or maybe you’ve done it a million times, the point is it can be anything! The whole concept of being a Backcountry Beauty is that anyone can enjoy the outdoors! So share your backcountry beauty shots for a chance to be featured!

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