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Balancing A Dirtbag Lifestyle Desire with a Corporate Lifestyle Reality

Hello! My apologies for being the most absent blogger on the planet! It’s not because I don’t like to blog anymore or that I haven’t been up to anything (last weekend I squeezed in one more ascent up old Ha Ling). October was filled with trips away, Costa Rica and Tofino, and November is smack dab in shoulder season so it’s been used to maximize time in the gym for ski conditioning. Throw in the Banff Mountain Film Festival and some other ski movies to get anyone and everybody pumped for what may be my favourite season, and that’s what I’ve been up to!


Reality is, I have a corporate job, *hangs head low*.

Between working in the concrete jungle and maximizing my “other hours” with activities that keep my passion for the outdoors alive, there isn’t much time left to share it with you, at least I’m doing a bad job of that anyways. Resolution #1 Blog More.

That being said, it is my corporate job that enables me to go on these awesome adventures! It gives me the means to go skiing every weekend or to go travel to awesome places like Costa Rica. Not everyone is fortunate or willing to work an “outside office” job or live like a dirtbag (to clarify, dirtbag being an endearing term used to describe free-spirited, die-hard passionate outdoors people. Their passion for their sport takes precedence over everything, including working and sometimes sustaining a place to live). They get to ski every day of the season and bike every day of summer. Oh how I envy these people! So why don’t I just quit my day job and move out to the mountains and get one of these “outside office” jobs? Well, there are some perks to a corporate job that would have to be sacrificed. All these perks stem from a healthy pay check, I’m not embarrassed or ashamed to admit this.

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Here’s my solution! Find a career that gives you the lifestyle you want and don’t judge others who do it differently! Having other priorities and interests in life outside of the mountain lifestyle doesn’t discount a person’s passion for the outdoors. We all share that passion, whether we work in the city or on the hill, the difference is the amount of “other hours” we get. It’s how we choose to fill those “other hours” that counts.

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For me, that’s working a job I’m genuinely interested in, as it is taking up 36% of my awake hours a week. I use that job to support my outdoor lifestyle, like buying the gear and going on the trips I want. I work for the weekend, and protect my vacation time fiercely. Keeping my hours and priorities in check (not buying a beautiful Audi) allows me to maximize my “other hours” and keep my outdoor passions thriving.

I am interested to know, how do you balance life with your outdoor interests? So with that, I’m going to keep adventuring and sharing them on here! The outdoors is not only for boys but you don’t have to be a dirtbag either!

***Upon further reflection, I realize that this may have been misinterpreted as pretentious.  My intention was to convey a message that regardless of one’s profession and the number of hours they are able to commit to outdoor adventures, that people can make it work for them.  That in most scenarios there are benefits and drawbacks to every job/career, and that people’s outdoor integrity shouldn’t be judged solely on how they earn their pay check.  I wanted to share my experience and opinion in that I may have chosen to go the corporate route, but I tailer my spending and vacation choices to facilitate my interests in the outdoors, and that this may be a possibility for those that also face a 9-5 city lifestyle, paycheque amount removed. I apologize for any misconceptions, and hope I have redeemed myself as a true defender of the outdoors can be for everyone. Thank You.***

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