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Guest Blog Post: Bokkers In The Backcountry

Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone had a great holiday season. As a special treat, here is a guest post from one of our most keen adventurers in the family, our dog Bok Choy! He comes on many of our trips and has a lot to share about finding adventure and getting out of it. He’s quite the fearless character and knows a thing or two about surviving in the woods Homeward Bound style.

I am a dog and my name is Bok Choy. Yes, that’s right, like the vegetable. I’ll explain how I got this name later… only if you stop laughing…

So my sister, Morgan Kwan, is THE beauty in the backcountry. She has all these great adventures, writes about them, takes pictures of them, and brings all her cool friends with her along the way… How crazy is that!

As part of the Kwan family, I sometimes participate in some of these activities… principally hiking, biking, and canoeing.


Last fall, I went on a canoe trip with Morgan, mom and dad, and 18 of Morgan’s friends. It was tons of fun… until I got wet…in the North Saskatchewan River. Without getting into all the details, I’ll share some of my dog insights about canoeing…

First of all, there is A LOT of planning and preparation for a camping-canoe trip. Good thing Morgan is very versed in both of these activities. From canoe rentals, food planning, travel logistics, safety instructions… all these things need careful consideration.

Secondly, safety takes on a whole new meaning when we’re floating down a fast-flowing river (did I mention that the North Saskatchewan River is a mountain fed river?… COLD!!!) If and when things go wrong, they do so quickly… Even I have a lifejacket! It should be worn at all times on the river.

Thirdly, when things go horribly wrong (like the canoe tipping and some of us end up floating down the river!), STAY CALM. This is when all those safety instructions come in handy. Remember those dog-paddling lessons …

Lastly, don’t venture away from where you were last seen by your dad. He’ll come back for you as soon as he can.


An “adventure” is something you do to have fun and experience something new. Whatever happens, two things are certain: 1) you will learn a few things about yourself and those you’re with, and 2) you will remember it for a long time.

I wish I could go on all of Morgan’s adventures… but sadly there are some that are not dog friendly. These are those that include bears, speed and snow. Apparently bears would find me very appealing as a snack (ie. a very small appetizer). I enjoy speed only from the safety of the floor of the car. And although I enjoy the great winter outdoors, barreling down a mountain just doesn’t suit my demeanor.

As for my name… My dad’s walkie-talkie name was ‘Big Bok Choy’ because he’s this big Asian guy. Apparently he and mom struggled in naming their adorable little havanese-yorkie puppy… I became ‘Baby Bok Choy’. That’s OK, I’m ‘Mister Choy’ to some and ‘Bokkers’ to most.

Happy adventuring,