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A Hiking Log Book to Record All Your Adventures

It’s hiking season! The only thing that is getting me more excited than the prospect of a new season is this super cute hiking log book! I’ve been working pretty hard on it for a while and am thrilled with how it has turned out. Look how adorable it is! I want to go hiking RIGHT NOW just so I can add an entry!

Now you can keep track of all your amazing ascents, hikes and backpacking trips with this beautiful log book. Record everything like the trail name, the total distance, elevation, the weather and all the buddies you conquered that mountain with! Writing down these details plus the equipment you brought and the snacks and meals you ate will help you plan future trips. And at the end of the season it’s like a scrapbook, you can look back on all the season’s accomplishments and see how far you’ve come.


Even better are the guidance checklists that help with pre-trip planning, daypack packing, overnight trip packing and a meal planning template with meal ideas so you’ll eat like a king on your next backpacking trip and never forget to pack something again! BONUS: This edition includes a recipe for homemade mint chocolate chip Clif bars!


Hiking is just as much a mental exercise as it is physical. There’s always that little voice inside your head, saying you’re tired, that you should stop or that you’re scared. Over time you start to hear a stronger, louder voice.  One that tells you that being tired is ok, that you are strong enough to keep going and that you don’t want to stop now because the top is only a bit further! I encourage you to use this hiking log book to help set goals and find the motivation to reach them. You can order yourself one and some for your girlfriends here, for $14.35.

This summer, challenge yourself to face that voice inside your head! Push outside your comfort zone and you will be surprised with what you accomplish.