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Spring Time Update: The Season of New & Exciting Things!

So far this spring has been absolutely wonderful! As busy as things have been (sometimes I feel like I’m burning the candle from both ends) I’ve managed to find some much needed mountain time.  What is mostly a negative thing (I’m predicting a fire ban all summer long due to the dry conditions), the low snow pack this year has allowed hiking season to start a little bit earlier!


Included in some of my early season hikes was our first hiking meet up!! Due to some unfavourable weather we had to make some last minute date changes, but we still had 7 ladies come out for an amazing day of hiking.  From the ladies themselves, to the views obtained to the weather we were blessed with, it truly was an amazing day! Thank you ladies for coming out and I hope you are enjoying your hiking log books and Backcountry Beauty Bags! We will be planning more hiking meet-ups throughout the summer, and this time they will be free and completely open to anyone with the base line physical fitness needed for that hike.  So subscribe to the blog, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to stay in the loop!

April Hiking Meet Up-10


April Hiking Meet Up-4


This brings me to my next exciting announcement! Backcountry Beauty Bags and more from Backcountry Beauty.  My friend and fellow adventure lady Andrea, have long complained about not having backcountry appropriate beauty essentials.  We’re all for being free and natural on our backpacking and outdoor trips, but we still like to maintain a certain level of togetherness, and there is NO SHAME in that.  So we decided to try making our own all natural beauty essentials; lip balm, tinted moisturizer with SPF and a gentle face cleanser that wasn’t CampSuds (all the praise to Campsuds, but not when a girl wants to wash her face).  We also created a muscle rub, perfect for the sore shoulders after a hike. We are so impressed with our creations; I’ve been using the face cleanser and muscle rub daily, Andrea can’t get enough of the tinted moisturizer and we can’t decide which lip balm we like the best because they just are all so balm-diggity!



It got us thinking, we can’t be the only girls needing backcountry appropriate products! So we are working on creating a line of simple, handmade, all natural beauty essential items, packaged specifically for backpacking! We are hoping to launch our online store at the end of May, starting with our Backcountry Beauty Bags, 3 essential items every backcountry girl needs; moisturizing lip balm, moisturizer with SPF and a gentle lavender face wash, all packaged in cute grab and go bag that’s easy to throw into your pack. Also up for grabs will be our all natural muscle rub in a convenient push up container as well as a few other items that we’ll keep for a surprise.  We have lots of ideas to expand into other products perfect for any hiking lady, but we’d love to hear what you like to bring with you on adventures. So leave a comment below, join us on this adventure!

So between finding personal mountain time, planning hiking meet ups, launching a backcountry beauty essentials line and not to mention my regular day job, things have been busy but it’s all good! I am just so excited to be sharing this news with you and hope you will join our community of outdoor loving gals!

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