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Backpacking Toiletries For A Backcountry Beauty

Backpacking seems to be the ominous next step for a hiker’s progression.  I can understand why it is intimidating; you are going deeper into the wilderness and you are totally reliant on what you can carry on your back.  That’s scary! Another source of anxiety that seems to be common among girls is what to do about toiletries.  It doesn’t make sense to haul your complete toiletry and make-up bag over every pass between here and Timbuktu.  I don’t know about you, but I still want to maintain some sort of put togetherness, at least for the pictures! So the answer is yes, you can bring toiletries backpacking, and yes you can bring beauty ones too, and there ain’t no shame in that!

Just a couple of Backcountry Beauties!

Who cares if I brought my hair brush/mascara/lip gloss out here, I’m the one that carried it and I want to look as great as can be in the photos! So I’m here to proclaim that there is no shame in doing what makes you feel most comfortable! Just remember, you have to carry it, so you might just want to bring your essential items.

Egypt Lake-8

Here are my go to backpacking toiletries, beyond the obvious toothpaste & toothbrush:

  1. Face Wash or wipes
  2. Moisturizer with SPF (sometimes tinted)
  3. Lip balm/lip gloss (sometimes tinted)
  4. Deodorant
Egypt Lake-22
Me, trying to wash my hair and myself in a mountain creek on a multiway backpacking trip. Too cold to dunk!

With that being said, where is a girl to find backpacking friendly personal hygiene/beauty essentials?! Walk into MEC, REI or pretty much any outdoors stores and the only thing they have to offer along those lines are CampSuds.  Don’t get me wrong, CampSuds are the bomb, their versatility is amazing.  But ideally I don’t want to be putting that on my face, and please, if you are someone that is using Wet Wipes on your face, please stop!  As for all the other stuff, I have to go to the efforts of repackaging my favourite products in backpacking friendly sized containers and even then they aren’t backpacking friendly because they are full of chemicals that I would prefer not to be sitting on my skin for days on days and/or washed into the water ways. I do have to applaud the outdoor industry in the leaps they’ve made in developing female friendly lines of clothing and equipment but there is still something missing.

Egypt Lake-7

Originating strictly from a desire to fulfill our own need for backpacking friendly products, myself and one of my close girlfriends started playing around with ways to accomplish just that.  We wanted to only bring all natural items with us, that are packaged in small lightweight containers and grouped together in an easy grab and go bag for convenience.

Solution found! We have created a simple line of handmade, all natural products that we’ve been using and testing in our day to day lives.  We just can’t wait to bring them on our first backpacking trip this summer! Included in our grab and go Backcountry Beauty Bag is a gentle lavender face wash, a choice of lip balms (tinted or natural) and a tea tree oil moisturizer (with zinc oxide for sun protection).  Since backpacking isn’t the only thing we do, we thought of après-hike essentials; a peppermint-ginger muscle rub, a cooling foot spray and relaxing lavender bath salts.

The Backcountry Beauty Bag; gentle face wash, lip balm and moisturizer. Plus a muscle rub.
Edited_Beauty Products-6
All natural, beeswax lip balms; wild strawberry, peppermint and piña colada.


We figured we can’t be the only girls out there with this dilemma, so we are working hard to launch an online store in June. We’d love to know what are your go to items, why you love them and can’t be without the? Also, is there something that you would love to see turned into a backpacking friendly product? Until the store gets launched, follow our new Instagram account @backcntrybeauty_essentials to keep up to date with all the exciting stuff and upcoming giveaways!

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