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Gear Review: ECCO Womens BIOM Hike 1.1 – A Boot You Can Depend On

A common question I get asked is a variation of “what kind of hiking boot should I buy?” or “what hiking boots do you recommend?” For most gear I would give a general, non-brand specific answer, except when it comes to hiking boots, I genuinely LOVE my ECCO BIOM boots. I’ve been using my BIOM Hike 1.1 boots consistently for almost two seasons now, have covered countless trails, hundreds of kilometers, stream crossings and more. I feel like I have really put them to the test, from day hiking to multiday backpacking trips, so that I can give you a proper gear review now. I am not paid by ECCO (but I was given these boots to try) and I receive no commission on any sales. I genuinely am recommending these boots because I think highly of them.


Initially I thought I would only use these boots for backpacking trips, because of their aggressive nature (extra support and traction) which would normally be overkill for most day hikes. However, I soon found them to be one of the most comfortable pair of hiking boots I owned. Surprisingly, despite their aggressive design, they were very flexible and light weight, which was ideal for shorter hikes. Not to mention the cute purple/pink and dark brown leather combo makes them oh so appealing to the eye.

Side Note: If you are wondering what to look for in a hiking boot in general or just have no freaking clue as to where to start when trying to purchase your first pair of boots, check out my post exactly on that topic here. 🙂

Asulkan-31I’ve done everything in these boots; gnarly scrambles, hikes in 30+ degrees Celsius weather, snowshoeing, river crossings, snow patch crossings, multiday backpacking trips, day hikes and even summited three mountains in one day! I’ve never had a blister in these boots, they’ve kept my feet dry when I’m walking through creeks and snow. My feet have stayed cool on the hottest days and warm on the colder days. Whether I’m looking for traction on wet rocks, ice patches or scree slopes, the amount of trust I’ve put into these boots surprises me sometimes, but they always hold true. Seriously, these boots are my favorite!

Triple Crown_HaLing

For those that like the techy details; these key boot aspects are what make the above qualities possible:BowHut-95

  • Rugged rubber outsole design for optimal outdoor performance
  • Anatomical fit with forefoot flex for full-on comfort
  • 3 layer Cambrelle insole for maximum moisture absorption
  • HYDROMAX® treated Yak leather keeps dry
  • Water repellent upper for brilliant weather protection
  • Direct injection PU technology

All this being said, it really does come down to how the boot fits on your foot. I have pretty wide feet, which can be a challenge in most shoes, so the fact that they aren’t in these is a blessing. I would therefore recommend these boots to someone with wide feet. For narrow footed hikers I would suggest you try it on at least. If you do decide to order a pair (and take your hiking career to the next level!), ECCO Canada has them on sale right now for $279 from $320.


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