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I’ve Joined The #FunEmployment Club

This week has been the most adult week of my life! Unfortunately, or fortunately, I was laid off from my job due to reduced activity levels as a reaction to low oil prices.

I say unfortunately because I truly did like the company I worked for and the people I worked with. The jobs I had the privilege of working were challenging, inquisitive and exciting. Many of the friendships I made within the company expanded to my life outside work and for this I am forever grateful, as some of my closest friends started from this seed. It’s tough leaving a company that you identify as part of your family, that you worked so hard at and were promised so many opportunities within. That being said, it is just a job and I’m at the beginning of my career, so onwards and upwards I go, looking for bigger and better opportunities.

I say fortunately because the timing of this layoff couldn’t have come at a better time! Winter season is fast approaching, Beauty In The Backcountry has been constantly growing and I have no external responsibilities (i.e. kids, mortgage). Considering the state of the market, especially in the industry that I’m interested in, the chances of finding a new job right now seems slim. Translate that to this is the perfect time for me to become that dirtbag/ski bum I’ve always fantasized about!

This means I have MUCH MORE time to dedicate to Beauty In The Backcountry and the community it has created, I can maximize ski days and powder days this winter season and really have time to focus on what I want to do when I do get back into the corporate world.

So welcome to my new life era, I call it #FunEmployment; a time of self discovery and passion chasing. I’m open to all outdoor, adventure, travel opportunities so hit me up if you have one! For once time is on my side! You can’t have peaks without valleys, so I’m going to ride all the powder in this valley before I climb up the next peak!

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