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Gear Review: Icebreaker Women’s Villa Leggings

Let’s be honest, leggings are probably one of the most comfortable things to wear. I know some people say leggings can’t be pants, but those people have never needed to transition from a ski day to a last minute après ski, or felt the comfort of unrestricted movement on a long road trip or flight, otherwise they would rethink their statement.

The Icebreaker Women’s Villa Leggings are marketed as a solution to the leggings as pants dilemma; they are stylish enough to wear while travelling, the merino wool keeps you warm in cooler temperatures and cooler in warmer climates and they don’t hold an odour. So I decided to put them to the test, for $110 they better be all these things and more. My test for the leggings involved skiing with them as a base layer, then transitioning into après ski with them and finishing off with a run in sub zero temperatures a few days later. Things I made note of in each test phase were temperature control, fit and odor control.

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When it comes to skiing I think my ability to regulate body temperature decreases as I age, meaning I get cold easily. So I wore the villa leggings as one of two base layers while skiing. A chill never crossed my body the entire day! They fit snug and were able to slide over the first base layer. Most importantly, after 5 hours of shredding, there was no hint of an odor, so I was ready to jump right into après ski! Now wearing them as a single layer, they still fit well with no sheer spots (like around my lady assets), and in the warm indoors I wasn’t over heating. So far these leggings are checking out!

After a weekend of skiing, I tend to get home on a Sunday night, tired and unmotivated to do anything, especially laundry. So these leggings proceeded to steep in the weekend’s remnants. Having signed up for a half marathon (Why you might ask, as I am still asking myself. This is another post in itself), I needed to get out for a run. The leggings still not presenting an odor, I decided to see if I could foul them up with some sub zero sweat. By now, the fit had started to loosen, but still looked and felt great. I stayed warm on my run and upon my return I still couldn’t detect any major odor! I would also like to claim that they attributed to a faster pace but the results were inconclusive.

Icebreaker Villa Leggings

Overall, I would rate the Icebreaker Villa Leggings as the following in the above mentioned categories:

Fit – 4/5

They fit on the larger side as I am most often a medium and I would have preferred a small in these leggings. There were never any issues with being sheer. I even tested them doing some stretching lunges after my run.

Style – 3.5/5

The ankles are baggier than typical leggings, which give them a bit more street style than strictly gym style. The merino tends to pick up lint however, so it’s hard to keep them looking clean and fresh after multiple days of use.

Odor Control – 5/5

From skiing to après-ski to running, these leggings were only washed because it was the right thing to do and not because they smelled.

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