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Why You Should Date a Girl Who Hikes

With the onset of spring; warmer temperatures and longer daylight hours, the yearning for love also starts to blossom. Not only is hiking a great date, but the added benefits of dating a girl who likes to hike are worth taking note of as well. So here’s why you should adjust your Tinder profile to reflect your love for the outdoors.

Girls Who Hike Are Up For Adventure

It’s safe to say that when you spend a lot of time outdoors, not everything goes as planned all the time. Hence why so much effort goes into preparing for the worst! A girl who hikes is used to facing challenges both physically and mentally, so when things start to go sideways not only are they equipped to deal with change but also they probably aren’t even fazed by it! When you date a girl who is used to dealing with impromptu snowstorms on top of a mountain, not getting into a restaurant isn’t a big deal.


Girls Who Hike Don’t Rely On A Pretty Face
A hiking chick might initially draw you in because of her cute smile and sparkling eyes but you’re going to stay for her great personality and exciting interests. You won’t have a moment of shock and confusion the first time you see her without a face of makeup, making her unrecognizable. Not to say that hiking girls don’t care about their appearance, but they are more down to earth and realistic about it. In other words, they are not high-maintenance.

Girls Who Hike Can Take Care Of Themselves

A large part of being in the backcountry is being self-reliant. Hiking girls are self confident and independent, making for more of an equal player relationship. Dating a self-reliant person gives a relationship a team dynamic. This allows you to focus on having fun and doing great things together rather than one person being somewhat of an anchor or clingy.


Girls Who Hike Have a Rockin’ Booty

Walking up a mountain is hard work! If you’re into an active lifestyle then you will want to be with someone who has the same priority. Hiking takes a certain level of physical fitness, so the proof is in the pudding, plus does wonders for one’s booty.

Girls Who Hike Want An Adventure Partner

Time spent in the backcountry is meant to be shared, not only because it is safer but also because it is more enjoyable! When you date a girl who hikes, she’s looking for someone to join the adventure, to push for more and experience new things. A relationship with a hiking girl is less likely to turn stagnant when you’re bitten with the bug for adventure.


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