About Me

About Me


My name is Morgan

I’m an outdoors enthusiast that likes manicures and pedicures as much as summiting mountains, aka a backcountry beauty. I strongly believe that the self confidence and worth that’s established through overcoming obstacles, persevering through ascents, and trekking through less then ideal weather conditions, can empower women in all aspects of their life.

Growing up in the city lights during the week and the great Canadian Rocky Mountains on the weekends has shaped my interest for adventure without sacrificing shaved armpits and deodorant.

Summer weekends are commonly spent hiking to a remote campground with bottles of wine and my best friends, which is where the idea of this blog was conspired. Humorous beauty tips have been shared across the campfire; from what color nail polish compliments dirty nails to how to make greasy hair work for you.

Through this blog I hope to share my tips on being a beauty in the backcountry when a shower is days away, and to also hear your guilty girly tricks. As well as any other tips on how to turn camping into glamping.

Hope you crack a smile or even learn something new, enjoy being a beauty in the backcountry!