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Spring Skiing Is A Perfect Time To Let Your Inner Fashionista Explode!

One of my favourite times of year is upon us! SPRING SKIING! Long sunshine filled days where you can feel the warmth of the sun while cruising groomers at mach five.  Where a goggle tan is the best compliment to your retro spring attire.  Earmuffs, headbands, high ponytails, onesies or anything from the 80’s are …

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Motivation Monday: Real Beauty ~ You’re More Beautiful Than You Think

My boyfriend Mark (the beast in the backcountry) shared a really touching and enlightening video with me today. It’s a video from the Dove Real Beauty Campaign.  It showcases a social experiment conducted by Dove that proves women are their harshest critics. The experiment shows how women view their own beauty as compared to how …

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