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    Looking to plan another hike, trip or need some adventure ideas? Here’s where to post some ideas and get some feedback.  Trail suggestions, backpacking routes or great places to learn something new are all welcome.

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    Hello Morgan,

    first of all, I want to compliment you for your blog. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful impressions! It encouraged us to do a one month road trip through BC from mid-August until mid-September  We (couple, 27 and 28 y) plan to visit Vancouver Island at first, then into the mainland up to Banff and Jasper. At the end of our trip we want to visit Vancouver for 2-3 days. Last year we had such a journey through New Zealand for two months with a campervan and we loved the nature, wildlife and go hiking. As big city dwellers (Berlin, GER) we were stunned by such lonely nature  Through daily routine and working life we did not prepare the details of our trip yet, except the flights, first night in a hotel to sleep off the jet lag and our campervan, which is, by the way, a Wicked Westie (inspired by your report from Oct 2014. So I guess you owe David one for doing such good advertising here ;D ;D) So we would love to have some advices and hints where to go in BC, and what are must do’s and must see’s from the view of a local enthusiast like you 😉 As I said, we just love to see beautiful nature and do daily hiking tours. In NZ the hiking tours were mostly for a couple of hours, the longest trip was the Tongario Crossing on the north island with 20 km, 800m elevation gain, just to give an impression what kind of tours I mean. Also, you may have favorite campgrounds to recommend or even places where it is possible to camp free with a van. Do you know how tolerated free camping is in BC? How about the campgrounds in the national parks? Should we book right now? Is Victoria worth a stop? How much time would you recommend to stay on Vancouver Island? My first thought was about 10-14 days, but I read often that this would be too much. We did not book a ferry yet and I am not sure if we should or keep us the flexibility to get back to the mainland when we want. I could go on for hours drilling you with questions, but I will stop at this point 😉 I am looking forward to your answer and hope you can inspire us what to see in BC 

    Warm Regards, Arved

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      Thanks Arved! I am so pleased that my blog was able to inspire you to take an extended trip through some of the most beautiful parts of Canada! I’m sure you will enjoy your Wicked Westies van, David does a great job in making everyone’s trip feel special.

      I would recommend 7-10 days on Vancouver Island. You’ll probably want to spend a couple in Tofino and area (Ucluelet) and then there are other islands, like the Salt Spring Islands, which you can grab a ferry to from Nanaimo, which are also pretty special. I like your idea of budgeting up to two weeks on the island, and keeping your schedule flexible, if you don’t take the full two weeks, that is fine. The ferry is most busy on the weekends, so you’ll want to book well in advance if you plan to travel on those days, otherwise a days notice should be fine. You can check the ferry’s capacity online when you’re thinking of leaving. On the mainland I would definitely stop in Squamish, that is outdoor living at it’s prime (lots of hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing)! The Sunshine Coast is a spectacular drive too. Other great places in interior BC, depending on which route you plan on going are the Shuswap Lakes, Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon; these are in the Okanagan valley which is known for its beautiful lakes, vineyards, hiking and fruit! As for hiking trails in those areas, you will have to ask the locals 😉

      Camping in BC, especially in those popular places I named is very busy in the summer, especially on the weekends, so I would recommend booking in advance if possible. You might find the traffic die down when school starts again in September. I believe most campgrounds can be booked online which should make it easy for you in Germany. As for “Free camping”, I’ve had the occasional situation here we pull in late and leave early and therefore miss the campground attendant. There are areas with highway pull offs you could possibly use. Unless there is a sign that says “no overnight camping/parking” then I would go for it! Walmarts allow people to camp in their parking lots for free, but I’m sure you won’t be around too many of those.

      I hope this answers some of your questions but let me know if you have others! I look forward to hearing how your trip goes!

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    *not daily hiking tours, but day hiking trips 😉

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    Planning on hitting the Goat Creek Trail from Canmore to Banff on a bike… but I’ll be alone and I am bit worried on wild life’s.. Is it alright to take this trail alone?… thanks… and your Blog is Great!..

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    Hi Morgan,

    thank you so much for your reply! Sorry for replying late, it’s very busy here, but today I started to mark your suggestions on our map 🙂 Meanwhile, we decided to head to Jasper and Banff within the first half of our trip, we feel safer to be in the Rockies in August 😉
    We also heard about the salmon festival, can you tell us more about it? Is it worth to stop by?
    Another question which I hope you can answer best as a local is: where should we get a sim card for mobile internet? Bell and Rogers seem to be the biggest players in Canada, can you recommend one regarding coverage in rural areas?

    Best, Arved

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