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    Wondering what gear you should buy, bring or rent? Here’s where to ask!

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    What are your thoughts on bear spray versus an air horn? I’ve heard that bear spray can sometimes not be effective depending on wind direction or even of the bears have a really thick coat.
    Thanks, Melanie

    P.S. Sorry to be bugging you so much with questions! lol

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    Awesome question!Bear spray is meant to be your last resort. If a bear is charging at you, or threatening to, you’re supposed to release your bear spray in a wall creating motion, and this hopefully will deter the bear away. Air horns I am not sure about their effect or success rate. There is something similar, that is designed specifically for bear defence, and that is bear bangers. They are like a little pocket sized flare (they make a really loud noise, like a firework), looks like a pen. These are supposed to be used with some space between you and the bear, you fire the flare so it lands between you and the bear and theoretically it is supposed to scare the bear away from you. The danger with these is that if you over shoot it, and it lands behind the bear, you will scare the bear towards you.

    In my opinion, your best defence against bears is to hike in groups, make lots of noise and carry bear spray as a last resort. Hope this helps!

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    I was wondering about hiking/backpacking boots… I seen some salomon boots and they seem more expensive than I was thinking they would be… are they worth it?

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    I think most importantly the boots have to fit and feel right on your feet. Salomon boots tend to work better for narrower feet. It’s hard to say that a cheaper boot isn’t as good as a more expensive boot, because an expensive boot could simply not fit your properly! Here is my advice, try to purchase from MEC, because they have an amazing return policy. If the boots you end up choosing cause you a lot of pain and blisters you can take them back, return or exchange them, so questions asked.

    I understand that hiking boots can be a bit expensive, but they really are the most important piece of equipment because you won’t want to do anything if your feet are in terrible pain. Also they will last your years if not decades if you buy a good pair.

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