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Prepare Now, Play Later – Posts To Read In Preparation For Summer


Officially there are 67 days till the first day of Summer, which is Friday, June 21, 2013.  That leaves about 9 weeks to get your hiking boots polished, your backpack adjusted, your first aid kit restocked, your hiking outfits planned (obviously) and not to mention planning and buying permits for any big multi-day trips! If …

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Beauty Tip #1: French Braids to Side Braids, All Braids Are Your Best Friend

There is nothing worse then finishing an epic adventure and finding out all your photos to document it are unflattering. Ok there could be worse things, but c’mon, admit it, you want to look gorgeous while showing off to your friends, “You look amazing on that mountain, can’t believe you didn’t shower for 3 days!”.  One of the biggest …

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Ha Ling Peak: First Summit Of The Season


This past weekend, Easter weekend, was gifted with beautiful weather! Blue skies with a periodic fluffy white cloud and spring temperatures was enough to tempt us to make our first summit of the season. Ha Ling, being frequented all year round by Canmore and Bow Valley locals, was thought to be our best bet for …

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