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The Rat’s Nest Cave Part II: Army Crawls That Put The Tough Mudder To Shame


“Make sure you clip into the cable, otherwise there is a 15 meter hole you might fall into.” Those words from our exuberant guide Amy set the tone; I knew this cave adventure was going to be awesome! Seven friends and me had just enjoyed a mild hike, with the occasional shoulder check for cougars, …

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The Rat’s Nest Cave Part I: Where Does One Pee In A Cave?

Caving 4

Somehow I managed to convince seven friends to join me next week in crawling through tight (I’m told the smallest space is the size of a manhole cover), dark, twisting passages and chambers of stalactites & stalagmites, with no interior lighting, no handrails, no walkways, rappel 18 meters and a mysterious place called the laundry …

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