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Beauty Tip #1: French Braids to Side Braids, All Braids Are Your Best Friend

There is nothing worse then finishing an epic adventure and finding out all your photos to document it are unflattering. Ok there could be worse things, but c’mon, admit it, you want to look gorgeous while showing off to your friends, “You look amazing on that mountain, can’t believe you didn’t shower for 3 days!”.  One of the biggest …

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Trip & Trail Reviews

Trip Review

Knowing that most of the good trails are passed on from one hiker to another, so through this blog I’ll post trip and trail reviews.  Growing up in the Rocky Mountains has allowed me to experience a wide range of day hikes and overnight hikes. Favorite hikes completed: West Coast Trail, BC, Canada Mt. Assiniboine, …

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A Glimpse of Spring

Today was a monumental day in my undergraduate degree; I finally was awarded my engineering Iron Ring. Engineers in Canada wear iron rings on their fifth finger of their working hand to remind them of their obligation and responsibility. After years of an intense and frustrating workload it feels good to have reached this day …

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