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Goat Creek Trail: Mountain Biking From Canmore To Banff


Sometimes you need something a bit more fast paced and exciting then hiking, something that gets the blood flowing. Mountain biking is a great activity that fills those requirements! Now before you think “mountain biking is too extreme for me” and veto the idea, understand  this; mountain biking like hiking, varies in grades of difficulty …

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The Ultimate Test For A Backcountry Beauty – Conquering West Coast Trail Gracefully


Hands down, my most memorable backpacking trip is the West Coast Trail (WCT) along the southwestern edge of Vancouver Island. For those of you who have not heard of the WCT, it is a 75km trail originally built to rescue shipwrecked survivors in 1907.  The trail winds its way along the coast, often literally walking …

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Kananaskis Snowshoe Trails: Walk On Water (Or Frozen H2O)


We’ve become spoiled living and skiing in the Rocky Mountains. If there isn’t any fresh snow, it’s sometimes hard to get excited about cruising groomers all day.  When this is the case, and the sun is shining, the wind’s barely blowing and the weather is warm enough for only one pair of long-johns (just kidding, …

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